Angle, Length and Slew Sensors for Lifting Applications

Accurate and reliable wireless angle, length and slew sensors for crane and lifting applications.

Anti-Two-Block System for Lifting Applications

Flexible and rugged wireless anti-two-block (A2B) system for lifting applications, designed to warn crane operators of two-block incidents.

Machine Control for Clamshell Crane Dredge

Improve dredge productivity and efficiency with 3D underwater visualization.

Machine Control for Wire Crane Block Placement

Improve underwater construction productivity and efficiency using accurate 3D visualization.

Multi-Sensor Displays for Lifting Applications

Wirelessly display critical load data in the cab or on the jobsite with a Trimble multi-sensor display for crane and lifting applications.

Weighing Sensors for Lifting Applications

Rugged wireless weighing sensors for accurate load monitoring in crane and lifting applications.

Wind Speed System for Lifting Applications

Wide-range wireless wind speed monitoring for crane and lifting applications.