Anti-Two-Block System for Lifting Applications

Flexible and rugged anti-two-block (A2B) system for lifting applications, designed to warn crane operators of two-block incidents.

Trimble Anti-Two-Block (A2B) System

Features and Benefits

For crane and lifting applications, the Trimble Anti-Two-Block system is streamlined and reliable, designed to prevent the lower hook block from coming into contact with the boom tip of the crane.

Reliable Wireless Communication

  • Wide communication range: 4,300 feet (1,300 meters)
  • Get to work faster with a simple installation
  • Sunlight-readable display, backlit for night visibility
  • Wireless communication between displays and sensors eliminates the risk of cable breakage

Improve Jobsite Safety

  • Promotes operator awareness with real-time information
  • Reduces the risk for a dropped load or on-site accident
  • Prevent injury to personnel and damage to the crane and/or load

Flexible and Versatile Technology

  • Easily adapts to factory cable connections
  • Options for safe operation in hazardous areas
  • User-settable visual and audible alarms

GS375 Anti-Two-Block Display

GS375 Anti-Two-Block Display

  • Compact design ideal for stand alone Anti-Two-Block event monitoring
  • Audible and visual alarms activate when the hook has reached maximum safe height
  • Monitor up to two A2B switches simultaneously
  • Can trip function lockouts on cranes with installed solenoid valves
GS075-B Anti-Two-Block Switch

GS075-B Anti-Two-Block Switch

  • Mounted on the boom tip
  • Sends an immediate alarm if the battery is removed or if an alarm condition occurs
  • Stops transmitting 5 minutes after the display is turned off to conserve battery life, no locking clip required
  • Get back to work faster with field-replaceable parts
  • Hazardous area-certified option available
LS051 Mechanical Anti-Two-Block Switch

Mechanical Anti-Two-Block Switch

  • Mounted on the boom tip
  • Sends an immediate alarm if the battery is removed or if an alarm condition occurs
  • User replaceable internal switch mechanism for a faster return on investment
  • A 3-wire connection allows for either normally open or normally closed circuits
  • Built-in 4.7 K resistor for seamless integration into existing systems
  • Hazardous area-certified option available

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