Trimble Marine Construction System for Positioning

Trimble Marine Construction System for Positioning

Perform your own pre-/post-construction hydrographic surveys.

Survey boat in harbor

Features and Benefits

Trimble Marine Construction System for Positioning allows contractors to be productive when working on a single beam echo sounder (SBES) hydrographic survey. The software includes SBES acquisition, data editing and dredge volume calculations.

Increased Precision and Efficiency

  • Data editing and dredge volumes
  • Accurate dredge volume calculations
  • Quickly generate run-line patterns before or during a survey for precise navigation and greater efficiency
  • Complex runline patterns can be generated quickly before or during the survey

Flexibility in Challenging Environments

  • Supports subscription electronic charts, open-source charts and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) for improved safety and navigation in congested waterways
  • Compatible with a wide range of Trimble and third-party sensors (single beam echo sounders, Trimble GNSS receivers, attitude sensors, etc.)
  • Reliable and stable solution suitable for the challenges of marine construction large data sets
  • Advanced plotting and reporting capabilities

Sonar imaging for underwater visualization

Add eyes below the water with Teledyne Marine sonars for real-time data visualization.


Trimble Marine Construction System for Positioning is ideal for navigation tasks such as:

  • Clear and precise survey boat, workboat or barge positioning and orientation at the dredge/construction site
  • Aid to Navigation (ATON) buoys and anchor placement
  • Dredging support for pre-/post-dredge surveys to identify high and low spots
  • Calculate progress volumes and send grid model updates to both the office and the dredge vessel
  • Aquaculture construction and navigation (e.g. oyster, mussel farms)

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