R780 GNSS Smart Antenna

Tougher than Tough Enough. The R780 GNSS Smart Antenna is precise, reliable and versatile. With integrated dual-band radio, the R780 can serve as a GNSS rover system or as a base station. From surveying to machine guidance, the R780 does it all.

R780 GNSS Smart Antenna

Trimble R780 With Tilt Compensation

Construction surveyors can capture accurate points without leveling the pole to work faster and safer.

Trimble Tilt Compensation

Features and Benefits

Rugged, All-In-One Solution

  • GNSS receiver, antenna, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual-band radio [450 / 900 MHz] and battery all in one compact and easy-to-use unit
  • Eliminate downtime with the most rugged receiver Trimble has ever built – it’s virtually indestructible
  • Work more efficiently in the dark or hard to reach locations with a sensor to show verticality on the field controller screen; saving time when you can’t easily see the rod bubble
  • Longer battery life keeps you working longer in the field

Tilt Compensation

Using the R780 GNSS Smart Antenna and Trimble Siteworks Positioning Software, capture accurate points while standing, walking or driving the site in a vehicle, while the receiver is not level. From a moving vehicle, capture higher accuracy measurements on steeper slopes and more accurate volume measurements to save time and money on material planning.

  • Faster measurements, more efficient stake-outs 
  • Easy to learn for beginners, saves time for experienced surveyors
  • Safely survey hard to reach areas (corners, traffic lanes, utility flowlines) 
  • No magnetic interference

Flexibility and Performance

  • Scalable from entry-level to high precision applications to fit your needs
  • Can be easily moved from carrying case to range pole, tripod, t-bar, or vehicle
  • Easier and faster to get going and allows for more flexibility of operation techniques
  • Integrated dual-band radio to work on any site, switching between 450 and 900 MHz as needed — ideal for mixed fleet operations
  • Better performance in challenging GNSS environments (blocked sky, multi-path, or degraded signal) thanks to the dual Trimble Maxwell 7 GNSS ASIC chip and Trimble ProPoint technology

Powered by Trimble Technology

  • Trimble ProPoint GNSS technology uses all available signals to provide survey-grade positioning in challenging environments where other GNSS systems fail
  • Trimble xFill technology expands site productivity by allowing short excursions into valleys and other locations where GNSS corrections were not previously available

Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Included for the first 12 months, Trimble CenterPoint RTX is a real-time GNSS corrections service available globally via satellite or the internet. It provides RTK-level accuracy at fast convergence times, without the need for a base station or real-time network. Learn more at rtx.trimble.com

Find out more about Trimble GNSS Correction Services here.



The Trimble Siteworks Positioning System with the R780 GNSS Smart Antenna is ideal for:

  • Measuring and verifying original ground levels and site features
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Monitoring, and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating high quality reports for approvals and payment
  • Recording tilt data when taking measurements


When used as a rover, the R780 enables wide variety of site measurement tasks including pole-mounted for grade checking, ATV-mounted for progress monitoring, and truck-mounted for site supervision.

For initial site reconnaissance you can use the R780 with satellite-delivered CenterPoint RTX—no base station needed. For higher accuracy site measurements such as grade checking, it can receive Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections via the integrated Wi-Fi, dual-band radio or the internet.

A grade checker can mount the R780 to an ATV and easily conduct site topos, check as-builts and verify road centerlines where it is not easy or safe to walk with a range pole. Extending its productivity, the same unit can then be mounted on the roof of a supervisor's truck roof to collect and manage progress data.


Wi-Fi Base Station

As a base station, the R780 incorporates Wi-Fi communications for small site projects and dual-band radio for long-range operations on large projects.

Designed for ease of use, it will automatically establish a connection and transmit RTK corrections to another rover or machine control system thanks to Trimble AutoBase. When it is that easy, construction crews can spend more time doing the work and less time setting up and maintaining the equipment.

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