A robust scheduling software for infrastructure projects that combines time and distance into one graphical view, giving you more power to keep your projects on schedule and keep everyone on track.

Tilos on a monitor

Stay on schedule with Tilos linear planning

Linear projects are complex. Watch our overview video to see how Trimble Tilos removes the challenges and allows you to be in control of the status of your construction project with a simplified, visual look at your schedule and plan.

Screenshot from Tilos video

Have all the scheduling information you need in one place

Trimble Tilos accommodates the nuances of having equipment and resources spread across a large area in civil construction. Run project simulations by connecting a schedule and a map of your project, then easily compare to make the best planning decisions. 

Schedule Optimization

  • Use time-distance diagrams to map out a linear schedule
  • Support “what if” scenarios within the scheduling overview
  • See equipment, materials, costs, timelines and budgets in one Gantt chart
  • Reduce risk and planning mistakes with time chainage


  • Link activities to save time
  • Gantt charts grouped by location and by company
  • Combines Gantt schedules, construction site plans, heights, earth mass handling, scales, histograms all in one view
  • Print your schedules with the level of detail intact using PDF and SVG files
  • Annotate images with comments

Project Monitoring

  • Detect conflicts utilizing project management tools alongside your schedule
  • Detailed overview of work progress and percent of project completed
  • Location-based progress tracking shown in time and distance
  • See if your project is either on time, ahead of schedule or with delays

Optimized Earthmoving

  • Easily see a visual of where to cut and fill soil masses on your projects
  • Always know where your resources are and how they’re being utilized
  • Coordinate the movement of material with time chainage

Data Integrations

  • Connects to other major planning tools
  • Office-to-field integration to simplify communication
  • Bi-directional data exchange with the civil BIM model
  • Import data straight from the feasibility report

Watch the software in action

See how Tilos gives you more power to keep your projects on schedule and everyone on the right track.

Technical Information

Compatible with:

  • Quadri
  • Novapoint
  • Quantm
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Trimble Connect
  • Asta Powerproject
  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Excel Report and Exchange





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