Optimize your design process, collaborate more efficiently, and start building complex and construction ready 3D models.

Trimble Novapoint Software

See the Real World Come to Life as You Design

With Trimble Novapoint Software you can create all aspects of modern roads and railways to create comprehensive, realistic designs that can be used throughout a construction project.

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Features and Benefits

Model-Based Design

  • Road and railway
  • Landscape
  • Terrain and drainage
  • Bridge and tunnel
  • Road markings and signs

Increase Productivity

Build and share complex BIM models for the construction phase, closing the gap between office and field and increasing your construction productivity.


  • Share your designs and model data with others
  • Deliver stakeout, quantities and scheduling
  • Export to different export formats such as IFC, LandXML, Open DWG/DGN

Trimble Drawing Module for Novapoint

The Trimble Drawing module for Novapoint and Quadri is a cost effective and easy to use CAD engine that is optimized to support model-based workflows to and from the 2D and 3D CAD environment. It includes all the necessary CAD tools needed for infrastructure design and supports the full range of Novapoint domain applications. Produce plan, profile and cross section drawings directly from your Quadri model for your domain.Quadri, Novapoint and the Drawing module provide a complete solution for infrastructure design and drawing production from early design through the construction phase and providing an as build model for the maintenance phase. 

Technical Information

Compatible with:

  • Novapoint is fully integrated with Quadri in a bidirectional workflow
  • Tekla Structures and Tilos are compatible with Quadri
  • Quadri exports to IFC, LandXML, Open DWG/DGN

Quadri Connectors:

Novapoint, Tilos, Trimble Business Center, Project Wise, Sketchup, Rhino Grasshopper, Open Roads Designer, Quantm, Tekla, Trimble Connect, AutoCAD Revit, Civil 3D

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