Novapoint Geosuite

The complete solution for geotechnical engineers with design, construction, drawing production, 3D modeling and calculations.

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Geosuite takes geotechnical solutions a step forward

Manage all your work in a fully collaborative BIM environment using Trimble Quadri. Take full control and get a holistic perspective of projects, moving geotechnics into a seamless world where data can be shared, wherever you are.

Review, Organize and Present

View and revise data from investigations and carry out calculations to understand soil properties. Easily organize and keep track of your projects while giving everyone a perfect overview of existing data and project status.

Collaborate in a Shared Model

Easily work with multiple teams in a BIM environment. Data can be shared with teams all over the world so that planners, designers, contractors, and project owners can have geotechnical data at their fingertips.

All-in-One Software

Read and edit data from soundings and sampling, manage and verify boreholes, create plan drawings, diagrams, 3D models, cross sections and profiles for your projects—all in one software.

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Trimble Novapoint Geosuite


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Archive is the base module for organizing your projects, starting calculations and utilizing the other Geosuite modules. Export and import data to and from other databases and keep track of your project—while giving everyone a perfect overview

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Plan an investigation and easily create drawings and 3D models from all your soil/rock data, then present the results according to the Nordic standards (SGF/NGF).

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Using up to five soil models (Norwegian and Swedish) you can perform settlement calculations such as time modeling of pore pressure and stress generation from loads, including modeling over time. 

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Calculate slope stability using cross sections, 2D slope analysis, point loads and distributed loads, groundwater and pore water pressure, drained or undrained and sensitivity analysis.

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Pile Group

Design and perform analysis of 3D pile groups with extensive modeling options for one or more piles, loads and soil profiles. 

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Supported Excavation

Use clear graphs to analyze excavation of sheet piles, and the results for each calculation step. Build a database for sheet piles and divide the excavation process into phases.

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Soil Data Interpretation

Interpret soil properties graphically for investigations from CPT and analyze the data using statistical methods. Also investigate the soil stress history by displaying in-situ stresses, oedometer interpretations, OCR and much more.

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